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W8 Enviromental

Both of these pictures where taken in Canada , for my trip that I took in the summer. As you can see I have basically the same pose which I subconsciously took in both of them . I was trying to go for the cool and laid back boy pose in both pics and I think I did a good job on both. Next time I might change the pose and see what happens .

B7 drinking and drawing

This assignment was probably my least favorite of all. My back was cramping while sitting down and my neck was getting sore, constantly having to stretch to avoid the pain. However, that was completely my fault, I should have probably sat somewhere else. Other than that I had quite some fun drawing and I did a better job than I thought. If I practiced for 100 hours I would be much better than I am now. My major is Criminal Justice and one way I could use a etched it when I’m interviewing a witness and I need to draw a detailed sketch of the description .

Vlogging Week B6

It took me a while to film a video i deemed worthy to post on youtube. But I have to say, the youtubers that I watch make it look much more easy than it actually is. I probably filmed this 15 times before i had the right words to put in my final video. And when I did have the right words, the camera audio kept messing up so it made this project much harder. However, I gained much more confidence in my video making ability and i am looking forward to actually adding some content to my channel.

Graffiti Writing B5

I really enjoyed the Graffiti “writing” project, it was probably my favorite so far because it was so quick and easy to do. Much like the previous projects, I had never dabbled in using graffiti before in my life but luckily my brother uses it sometimes and my dad is a handyman so he had spare graffiti paint laying in the garage. On the flip side, since I never used graffiti before in my life, it was particularly hard for me and i ended up writing my name, but it looked messy, and I tried different things but it ended up in a mess. However, I ended up liking my weird piece of “art” and decided to keep it that way and use it for this weeks art entry.

the writing part was a bit frustrating but I just went along with what I had. It was actually harder, I gained more respect for the people that do wall graffiti now. It is not much like other paintings I see because this one didn’t really have much of a purpose aside from the fact that it was for this class.