W8 Enviromental

Both of these pictures where taken in Canada , for my trip that I took in the summer. As you can see I have basically the same pose which I subconsciously took in both of them . I was trying to go for the cool and laid back boy pose in both pics and I think I did a good job on both. Next time I might change the pose and see what happens .


B7 drinking and drawing

This assignment was probably my least favorite of all. My back was cramping while sitting down and my neck was getting sore, constantly having to stretch to avoid the pain. However, that was completely my fault, I should have probably sat somewhere else. Other than that I had quite some fun drawing and I did a better job than I thought. If I practiced for 100 hours I would be much better than I am now. My major is Criminal Justice and one way I could use a etched it when I’m interviewing a witness and I need to draw a detailed sketch of the description .

Vlogging Week B6

It took me a while to film a video i deemed worthy to post on youtube. But I have to say, the youtubers that I watch make it look much more easy than it actually is. I probably filmed this 15 times before i had the right words to put in my final video. And when I did have the right words, the camera audio kept messing up so it made this project much harder. However, I gained much more confidence in my video making ability and i am looking forward to actually adding some content to my channel.

Graffiti Writing B5

I really enjoyed the Graffiti “writing” project, it was probably my favorite so far because it was so quick and easy to do. Much like the previous projects, I had never dabbled in using graffiti before in my life but luckily my brother uses it sometimes and my dad is a handyman so he had spare graffiti paint laying in the garage. On the flip side, since I never used graffiti before in my life, it was particularly hard for me and i ended up writing my name, but it looked messy, and I tried different things but it ended up in a mess. However, I ended up liking my weird piece of “art” and decided to keep it that way and use it for this weeks art entry.

the writing part was a bit frustrating but I just went along with what I had. It was actually harder, I gained more respect for the people that do wall graffiti now. It is not much like other paintings I see because this one didn’t really have much of a purpose aside from the fact that it was for this class.

B4 Artist Conversation-Angie Han

Angie Han is a young 3D metal Major student at CSULB. She is an international student from South Korea, something which i found very interesting. She is also a Christian, something that plays a big role in her artwork. When she isn’t sculpting, she likes to read comic books, watch anime (like me), have nice walks in the beach, and simply enjoy the beauty of nature. Also, when she graduates, she wants to design jewelry.

Something that I really liked about her pottery was that she added flowers to some to make it come as little more to life. However, her favorite one (the picture shown above) is a crown of flowers. The design is very intricate. It is very cool how she made the flowers on the crown, most likely it represents something which I will explain in the next paragraph *cough*.

One thing that stood out to me about miss Han was that her artwork was more spiritually driven than anything else. Talking to her, she clearly has a great deal of passion for God, and this inspires her to mold her art. She was not raised Christian,however, after she converted she began to think about what God means to her and how she could transport that to her artwork. The crown for example is a great example of this. Furthermore, before she begins sculpting, she wants to find the meaning in what she is going to make first, and then make it after she has found it.

As a Christian myself I can relate a great deal with this. Every day i try to live life how Jesus would, and in a way she is doing the same thing with her artwork. The fact that she tries to find meaning in what she is doing deserves allot of respect and I really enjoy looking at her artwork. I wish we had more time to talk, but the time i did talk to her felt so natural, it inspired me to think about why she does her artwork the way she does.

B3-Artist Experience- Finger Painting

This project was probably one of the easiest and most fun i have done in a while. It really took me back to preschool days where i used to do the same exact thing. Getting my wet colors and painting with my fingers to the sound of music was really relaxing.

This finger painting thing was just a tad harder than I thought, i had to make sure i didn’t make a mess in the house. However, after i got everything set up, it was pretty easy and stress relieving to deliberately get my hands dirty for school.

The experience was very liberating. Unlike the plaster project, this one had almost no guidelines, the professor basically let us go ham on a big sheet of paper. At first though I was confused because i wanted to make it look like something and that was not working. However after I read the instructions I had much more fun.

Unlike other paintings, this one is much more feeling i incorporated than mentally incorporated. Even a child can do this and it is what makes it much more fun.